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Name:    Imagenex 881A Imaging Sonar


The 881A is a programmable multi-frequency digital imaging sonar that you can operate using default frequency settings or customize the configurations for your own situation. High performance, lower cost, low power and simple set-up and installation, make this sonar perfect for the largest ROV’s to the smallest inspection ROV’s, plus AUV or UUV applications.


Specifications Performance


FREQUENCY  310 kHz, 675 kHz, or 1 MHz (default settings) -Other frequencies can be selected through programmable software configurations (Tunable from 280 kHz to 1.1 MHz in 5 kHz steps)
TRANSDUCER  Imaging type, fluid compensated

TRANSDUCER BEAM WIDTH  310 kHz: 4° x 40°, 675 kHz: 1.8° x 20° ,1 MHz: 0.9° x 10°
RANGE RESOLUTION  1 m – 4 m: 2 mm (0.08”) , 5 m & up: 10 mm (0.4”)
MAX. OPERATING DEPTH  1000 m and 3000 m available
MAX. CABLE LENGTH  1000 m on typical twisted shielded pair (RS-485)
INTERFACE  RS-485 serial interface @ 115.2 kbps (or optional RS-232)





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