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Name:    AAE Easytrak Lite USBL System


Easytrak Lite is an Ultra Short Baseline (USBL) underwater positioning and tracking system that has developed a solid reputation for reliable, positional accuracy and versatility.


Specifications Performance


Slant Range accuracy 10cm
Position accuracy, standard 1.40° drms. 2.5% of slant range. Acoustic accuracy excludes heading errors
Position accuracy, high 0.60° drms. 1.0% of slant range. Acoustic accuracy excludes heading errors
Bearing Resolution 0.1° displayed. Internally calculated to 0.01°
Heading sensor accuracy 0.8° rms standard; +/- 0.1° resolution/repeatability
Pitch/Roll sensor accuracy +/- 0.2° rms; +/- 0.1° resolution/repeatability
Channels 4 channels displayed from 134 stored
Frequency Band (MF) Reception 22 - 32kHz
Transmission 17 - 26kHz
Tracking Beam Pattern > Hemispherical





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