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Name:    SeaQuest 3-Axis Gradiometer


SeaQuest is the ultimate magnetic target detection platform. It gives you more information, and helps you see just what you want to see.

Specifications Performance

Worldwide operation  No restrictions or dead zones

Highest absolute accuracy  0.1nT 

High sensitivity  0.01nT

Resolution   0.001nT 

Power consumption  2W standby, +1W persensor,+2W per altimeter 

Maintenance free sensors  No realignment and no consumable parts 

No heading error  Eliminates the need to level your data

No drift  A complete lack of1/fnoise providing a totally flat noise spectrum 

No temperature dependence  Data accuracy does not change through a temperature range of–40C to +60C

Altimeter   0-100m range,0.1m step

Heading   3-axis magnetoresistive compass,0.1 degree step

Tilt sensor    Two-axis,0.1 degree step

Pressure sensor  300m range,0.1m step (others optional)





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