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Name:    LED Lamp


MV-LED II (AC & DC) Underwater LED Spotlight

MV-LED II Features Include:

A versatile AC or DC powered LED Spotlight with a highly-focused output that exceeds a 250 watt incandescent lamp.

Fully dimmable with 120VAC, 24VDC and with RS-485.

Intense LED light beam works well with high definition video.

Variety of connector, wiring and mounting options makes MV-LED a fast and easy “drop-in” replacement for halogen lamps.


MV-LED II Spotlight Key Specifications


Lamp Type: Ultra High Intensity White LED Array

Light Color Temperature: 6300° K (typical)

Color Rendering Index: 70 (Typical Halogen = 40)

Operating Depth: 6000 m (19,685 ft.)

Operating Temperature: Operates in water temperatures of -10°C to 40°C (14°F to 104°F)





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